Live in Brokenness and Vulnerability

Andrew Lau

Speaker: Andrew Lau

God doesn’t desert us because of our struggles, weaknesses and imperfection, but often we are the ones who give up on God in the moment of crisis.

We cover up our brokenness by:

  • amusing ourselves,
  • finding quick fixes,
  • looking for god-substitutes,
  • or using a drug of choice to numb our pain.

But when we do any of these, we deprive ourselves of experiencing and testifying the world restoring power of God.

Paul never teaches Jesus followers to escape pain and suffering but to live through them. As he struggles with pain and suffering, he thrives in grace and humility, leaning heavily on God’s power to manifest in his weakness! He doesn’t ask why but pursues what God wants him to do in the midst of trials and testings!

To live in our brokenness and vulnerability is being authentic. The aim or goal for authenticity is not self-disclosure and catharsis but personal growth, maturity, healthy relationships, and supportive community that reflect the restoring power and purpose of God for the world.