Learn to Love Well

Kevin White

Speaker: Kevin White

You can’t be spiritually healthy and emotionally unhealthy at the same time. During this series, we have said that same message every week and presented a different tool that can be used on the journey towards emotionally healthy spirituality. At the time of this message, we find ourselves in the midst of a global Covid-19 pandemic – it has exposed a lot as we struggle to deal with all the change and pain around us. There’s a real opportunity to deal with what is going on inside our souls. There’s an opportunity to pursue emotionally healthy spiritually and then to share that gift with the community around us. Our prayer is that you would make the most of this opportunity. Here are the different messages from this series.
  1. The problem of emotionally healthy spirituality
  2. Accept the gift of your emotions
  3. Look beneath the surface
  4. Break free from the past
  5. Live in brokenness and vulnerability
  6. Receive the gifts of limits
  7. Restore your soul with sabbath
  8. Enlarge your soul through grief and loss
  9. Learn to love well
Choose one that speaks to you and go back over it, consider professional counselling if needed, or talk about it in a small group or with some trusted friends. Keep on keeping on!