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WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES: Learn, grow in your faith and connect with others.  SIGN UP!

Making Space for Jesus

We create spaces for you to encounter Jesus’ transforming love.

Small Group Launch

Are you looking to meet others who are interested in starting a small group, living in community with Jesus at the centre? Join our next Group Launch on Sunday, January 29th and get connected.

Workshops & Classes

Tune into all the new and upcoming workshops and classes we’ve got lined up to help you learn, grow, and connect with others as you dive deeper into your journey with Christ.

Newcomers Class

New to Cornerstone and want to learn more about us? Join this short online class, you will learn what makes Cornerstone tick. You’ll connect with staff members and learn our history and purpose.

Spaces to BELONG

Small Groups

It’s in the context of groups where you’ll learn, grow and belong to a family because life-change happens in community.

Support Groups

Life is hard. We experience wounds and losses that could rob us of our joy and purpose. But there’s hope. You don’t need to go through this alone.

I Just Got Baptised

Next Steps

Growing in faith means taking the next step in your discipleship to Jesus. Whether you’re new to the faith or started following Jesus many years ago, there’s a next step to take in your discipleship story.

Spaces to MAKE a difference


See how you can make an impact in your neighbourhood and around the world.