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I come from a Christian family, so I’ve always had support in my faith. When I was younger, I would hear about baptism and I would be begging my Parents to let me do it, since I gave my life to Christ. To be honest, I think I only considered the fun of it and did not fully understand its full implication. But now, I feel like I am ready.

Last Easter because of the baptism service announcement, I started thinking about getting baptised again. However, after a while, it slipped my mind until one day, when my mom, my brother and I were in the kitchen, and out of the blue, my mother asked “If Jesus were to come right now, do you think you would go with him?”. That question actually hit hard because the question, “Am I a good enough Christian?” has been floating in my head for a while and I had a hard time with my answer.

Now I was faced with it once again. At this point my Mother noticed that I hadn’t answered so she asked me again, and I just said yes, even though I wasn’t sure It was true. I continued what I was doing while saying under my breath, “Not really.”

My mom obviously heard me, so she asked me why I thought so, but I wouldn’t answer, no matter how much she would ask.

The next day, However, I finally opened up about why I’d said no in the first place, and she helped me with my questions and reassured me about the fact that apart from Jesus, no one is perfect, no one ever can be, and no one will be.

It finally sunk in for me, And I decided that I was ready to get baptised right then and there.

I filled out the form then, to take part in the Easter day baptism, but I couldn’t submit it in time to do it then. Even though I had to wait for the next baptism session, which is this very one, I realised it was for the best, because I had more time to go through this process. Now I am excited and ready to go through this, and I am grateful for all the inputs I’ve had along the way: 1- Going through the baptism guide that was provided, 2- My talk with Pastor Jeremy, and the answers he gave to the questions I had, 3- as well as the process of writing this Testimony that you are reading right now.

This journey’s been eventful, different things have happened that forced me to trust God more, relying on Bible verses like Romans 8: 38-39 NLT and many others, such as The Lord’s prayer guide, different Bible Studies, and many other tools that were so graciously afforded to me.

I am grateful to God for helping me realise you’re there at all times, My Parents and My Nana for helping me along this journey, and to my siblings for making me laugh and have fun, at times when I was worried.