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As far as I can remember, people have always called me a blessed girl. I grew up in an environment of abundance. I have a loving family and my parents support every one of my decisions. I have been surrounded by decent people. I studied in the schools that I wanted to and I have worked for reputable companies. I am very grateful for all of that.

Yet, my life never had true peace and I encountered chaos all the time. I used to be very upset but things changed after I fully submitted myself to God. It doesn’t mean that the problems do not come, because they do. It doesn’t mean that I’m relaxed when I face challenges, because I still get anxious. Maybe in the future, when I have grown and experienced more of God’s grace, then I can be more confident when things get hard.

But what God has given me now is His peace in my heart and the ability to turn to Him when challenges come. His mercy and grace are new every morning. He doesn’t condemn me when I make mistakes. Today, I declare my commitment to Jesus by getting baptized.
It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me, now and forever.