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You Are Your Actions

August 15
Topic: Identity

Speaker: Dave Dickson

Do you ever wonder if what you do matters to God?

Here’s the truth: God absolutely cares what we do. In fact, from the beginning of creation to its end far in the eternal future, God has always been concerned about what his children have been getting up to, and he always will be!

As we continue in this series about our identity, take a moment to consider that your actions are the part of your identity that most reveals to the world who you are—they are the outworking of everything else that you are.  Your body, history, relationships, mind, and commitments all come together to produce your actions.

So yes, God cares about what we do and don’t do, what we say and don’t say.  It all matters!  And God is calling us to choose actions that reflect the identity that he is forming in us—an identity deeply rooted in God’s love and grace.

But God doesn’t leave us to fend on our own, to act out our identity on our own.  He walks with us, he guides our steps, and he gives us strength when we are weak.  And when we fail, he forgives us.

In this week’s message, we look at four things that are true about our actions:

  • Our actions are important
  • Our actions are born out of our identity
  • Our actions are the fruit of our relationship with God
  • Our actions are not perfect