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You Are a Process of Change

August 29
Topic: Identity
Kevin White

Speaker: Kevin White

You are a process of change.

We work so hard at NOT changing. The pandemic forced a lot of people to change. We had to accept our age because we couldn’t cover up grays or get ourselves beautified.

You can’t NOT change.

Life forces us all to ask ourselves again and again – who am I? What do I believe? What do I stand for? What are my boundaries? For most of us, the last two years… this pandemic forced us to change. To look at our identity. To ask who am I in light of what is happening now? And who do I want to be? And as we answered these questions, we changed.

But I’m realizing that whatever age we are – we all struggle with identity. We all are changing or resisting change.

As we think about identity and change and what direction we want to move towards – let’s look at what God has to say about change.