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Love is Not Easily Angered

June 7
Series: Love Is
Topic: Love
Steve Shaw

Speaker: Steve Shaw

When Paul says love is not easily angered, he means that as you grow in the agape love of Jesus, you’re going to become a person who isn’t readily provoked or irritated. You’ll become someone who is not inclined to vent, leak, or mask your anger, but will be able to control it instead.

The Bible’s ideal is not blow anger or no anger, but rather slow anger. This is what Paul means when he says that love is not easily angered. The book of James puts it this way: Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. (James 1:19, NLT) In my case and yours, even our righteous anger can go south in a hurry. It can so easily turn into destructive “blow” anger. But whenever the Bible speaks of God’s anger, both his reasons for it and his response to it are always unfailingly rooted in his perfect, agape love. We see this in Jesus, who is the sinless, human face of God. Jesus would sometimes get angry.

What does this mean for how we do anger?