21 June 2020
Series: Love Is

Topic: Love

Love Bears All Things

Andrew Lau

Speaker: Andrew Lau

Although there are different nuances of this Greek word “to bear”, the term denotes the sense of a covering, like a roof that protects and keeps off something which threatens, or a shelter that keeps out any harmful force or influence. Things or people under this cover are safe and secure. The New International Version comes closest to the primary notion of the original Greek: “Love always protects.”

Love that bears all things, always protects:

  • This is a generous love that is not dependent on the worthiness of the other person.
  • It is a welcoming love that makes space for the individual to feel accepted and valued.
  • It is an embracing love that extends grace and forgiveness to the one who did wrong.
  • It’s a love that attends to the wounded, allows time for healing.
  • And this love supplies necessary resources for growth and transformation in a community.