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Engaging Worship

October 2, 2022

Nobody wants to be a part of a dying church; every Christ-follower needs to be part of a thriving church. If the church is the body of the resurrected Christ, then every church should be a thriving church!

If corporate worship – in-person or online – has any life and community impact in the discipleship journey of Jesus-followers, then it must be done as a response to God’s love that generates holistic growth by the power of the Holy Spirit for the love of the Father and our participation in His world restoring mission in Jesus’ name.

All of us need to show up and be ready to worship together on Sunday for sure – but every day of the week is a dress rehearsal for the peak moment of corporate gathering when we celebrate God and enable each other to have fresh encounters with the Almighty.

While many of us often assume that the “awesomeness” of the worship depends on the music (song selection, worship team, etc.) and whoever delivers the sermon – and to a certain degree, it does. But worship encompasses every aspect of our day-to-day living, when we glorify God – honouring him – in whatever we do; there is no sacred-secular divide; we are not spiritual schizophrenics who have multiple personalities.

EVERYONE – no matter what condition or shape of our spirits/souls is in when we gather for worship – contributes and plays a significant part in determining either its “boom” or “bust” of any given corporate worship, in-person or online.