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Sundays, April 16 - June 25
In-person: 9:30 am and 11:30 am
Online: 11:30 am


Luke chapter 11 begins with Jesus praying in a certain place. When he’s done, one of his disciples approaches him and says, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Bible scholars point out that this is one of the only places in the gospels where the disciples make such a specific request for Jesus to teach them something. There was something about Jesus’ prayer life that stood out to them, something that captured their attention and made them want to learn to pray like Jesus. That made them think, "If I could just learn how to pray like Jesus—that would be incredible.” From there, Jesus went on the teach them the model prayer we've come to know as the Lord's Prayer.

Join us for this series as we unpack the Lord's Prayer phrase by phrase. In the process, we will learn how to pray like Jesus.