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Thinking of Baptism?

Take the next step in your faith journey

Baptism declares to the world you’ve trusted Jesus, joined God’s family, and made a commitment to follow Jesus, heart and soul.


Sunday, April 9

If you would like to be baptized, please complete this inquiry form by March 20th and one of our pastors will connect with you.

At Cornerstone, we practice believers baptism (rather than infant baptism). We have a special Child Dedication service for families to dedicate their child(ren) and express their commitment to raising them in the faith. Visit our Child Dedication page for more information.


Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu

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If you asked me a year ago what topped my list of things to do over the next year, Baptism wouldn’t have made it; however, the fact that we are…

Tiffany Lai

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As far as I can remember, people have always called me a blessed girl. I grew up in an environment of abundance. I have a loving family and my parents…

Yumei Chen

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Good Morning Cornerstone, I’ve been on a long and winding journey to know God. I was a restless university student when I first heard the Good News. I was searching…

Sherry Lam

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Growing up, I somehow knew there was always a God in my life, watching over me, protecting me. I sensed His presence. But I never felt a connection with my…

Why should you get baptized?

The main reason is Jesus commanded his followers in Matthew 28:19-20 “Go and Make disciples of all nations baptizing them…”

Plus, when you get baptized:

  • It publicly tells others that you’re a follower of Jesus. Think of it like the ‘wedding ring’ of Christian life that expresses your commitment to Jesus Christ
  • It typically follows a personal choice to believe in Jesus as your Saviour and Master. This New Testament practice of baptism is summed up in Acts 2:41 “Those who believed… were baptized…”
  • It provides a picture of ‘dying’ to our old life and ‘rising’ to live a new life in Jesus, a symbol of Jesus dying and rising again. This image is talked about in Colossians 2:12 “For you were buried with Christ when you were baptized. And with Him you were raised to a new life…”

Here are some of the reasons you might want to be baptized:

  • You’re a follower of Jesus who has never been baptized.
  • You were baptized as a baby, but wish to reaffirm those baptismal vows as an adult who has made a personal choice to follow Jesus.

If you’d like a better understanding of what baptism is all about, please study and reflect on our Baptism Guide. After you’ve reviewed the guide, and would like to be baptized or learn more about baptism, please complete the Baptism Inquiry form below.


"Understanding this truth took soooo much weight off of my shoulders because all I had to do was stop depending on myself and depend on Jesus."


"I understand now that I need to die to my egocentric world-dictates daily in order to walk the right path."


"I felt like God was nudging me to do something. During a Sunday service, I felt like I was alone in the room and God was talking to me, telling me to take that step."


"I have no words to express how thankful I am for His sacrifice. I want Jesus to be the constant variable of my life."