31 January 2021


Kevin White

Speaker: Kevin White

In Mark 10:35-45 Jesus is teaching them that it’s not about position for the sake of power. The Romans were in power and they used their position to exert power over those under them. The disciples were hoping that Jesus would go into Jerusalem, overthrow the Romans and then take power away. Then the disciples would be in power and then they would use that power over the Romans – so the exact same system – but different people in power.

Jesus is turning the whole world – that whole system upside down. Jesus isn’t interested in the system. Jesus is interested in their souls.

Jesus isn’t interested in position for power. Jesus is interested in position to serve.

If you want to be great, be a great servant. That’s our main point for today. If you want to be great, be a great servant. 

You are placed in your position on purpose – to serve.

Martin Luther King said, “Anybody can be great because anybody can serve.”


Here’s a breath prayer for you this week as you seek to serve,

“Lord Jesus, bring me someone to serve today.”