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Jesus-Shaped Joy

February 11, 2024

Topic: Joy

Scripture: Phil 2:5-11

Paul says that Jesus, who being in very nature God, takes the very nature of a servant.

Erwin McManus once said, To say that God is all-powerful sounds like a compliment. To say that God is all-knowing, again a compliment. But to say that God is a servant sounds blasphemous. Why is that?

It’s because, at the core we don’t value servanthood. We want a hierarchy where the higher you are, the more important you are. That’s why we value status and privilege. We want trendier clothes, newer phones, nicer vacations, better career opportunities, more likes and followers – why? Because they’re signs that we’re at the top, they’re signs that we’ve made it.

C.S. Lewis once said that pride gets no pleasure from having things. Pride gets its pleasure from having more things than the next person. In other words, we want to be higher and more important than other people because that’s what we think it means to be great. But Jesus turns that upside down.