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Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

February 6
Topic: Vision
Andrew Lau

Speaker: Andrew Lau


Cornerstone’s “Bedrock Statement” – Fix Our Eyes on Jesus –  is taken directly from Heb. 12:1-2; it is the underlying faith, belief and conviction that provides security and stability as we fulfill God’s purposes and partner with Him in His world restoring mission moving forward.

When we join Jesus in His life-community-cosmic transformation mission, we will experience opposition, pain, suffering and rejection – as we seek to invade the enemies’ territories by sharing the good news of Jesus and by serving the community in His name, we should anticipate rejection and obstacles.

We are not going for a walk in the park; we are not on a boat cruise but a battleship! We wrestle with internal struggles, encounter external testing and trial, and engage in spiritual warfare.

I love the word-pictures Len Sweet and Frank Viola use to describe the significance of Jesus:

“The entire Scriptures … are unified by a common narrative … telling story of God’s interactions, intersections, and interventions with humanity through the life of Jesus … the thread that holds all Scripture together. He is the prism that breaks forth its multifaceted colors … the lens that puts all of it into focus, the switch that sheds light on its dimly lit quarters, and the key that unlocks its meaning and richness …” (Jesus: A Theography, p. x-xiv; emphasis ours.)

As we continue to advance the mission, we will – we must – fix our eyes on Jesus: look at HIM intently, watch HIM, not Satan or any opposition, not the crowd, not the circumstances, not ourselves.