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Partner with Verbo Christian Church

Verbo Christian Church and their school serves those living in poverty on the east coast of Nicaragua. Cornerstone has a well-established partnership with Verbo Church, sending teams each March break to provide support, encourage leaders, and help where needs arise. Past teams have helped with projects that included construction, feeding programs, building computer labs for the school, installing internet, clinic visits and various initiatives for sustainable poverty alleviation.

For more, visit this year's TEAM BLOG

How can you help?

Verbo is in the midst of a difficult season, but continues to work intentionally to encourage and bless their community as they share Jesus’ love. They continue to meet as a church, provide food and programming for children and families, support those who are the most vulnerable in their community, and care for their community in many tangible ways. As a valued partner, we continue to stand by our friends and support their work as our teams visit each year. We are so grateful for the generosity of the Cornerstone community who give towards the important work of Verbo Church.