Thank you for your hearts of generosity that helped to contribute to Christmas gift bags for 100 boys and 100 girls through our partners at RAM!

Recently, our very own Charles and Darla Sutherland (founder of RAM) were able to be on ground in Roatan to help with the food distributions, sharing their testimonies, and providing encouragement to the host team that has been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic. As you can see, the need for food and support is ongoing. Donations of any amount are always greatly appreciated! Thank you for your ongoing support of our partners in Roatan!

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We partner with local communities in Roatan, Honduras to provide tangible and immediate support.

Roatan Alive Mission (RAM) works closely with local churches and community leaders on the island of Roatan, just off the coast of Honduras. They serve people in various stages of life by offering Christian based events and conferences. Over the years, Cornerstone members have had the opportunity to partner with RAM by joining the annual summer team in Roatan. Their goal is to, “Bring members of the body of Christ in North America to work alongside and encourage the churches in Roatan, build up the body of believers, share the gospel of Christ, and strengthen the family unit.”

For more information, please contact Darla Sutherland

Even when teams could not be sent to help in person due to the pandemic, the Cornerstone community continued to support the work of RAM, which included online Bible studies, prayer meetings, and encouraging events that have reached a wider audience beyond the island of Roatan into all of Honduras.

Through the generosity of the Cornerstone Community, food is purchased and distributed to hundreds of families each month. The provision of food continues to be a priority, but the devastation caused by storms and flooding pose an added challenge. Any donations collected are directed monthly to our partners on site for immediate relief efforts. Thank you for your support!

How can you help?

The Island of Roatan is largely dependent on the tourism industry. Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, Roatan is experiencing widespread food insecurity and many families are struggling to meet their most basic needs. RAM also works with local ministries to meet other needs, such as flood relief, food distribution, urgent medical care, and addiction recovery.

Just $50 can feed a family of 5 for 1-2 weeks and $100 can provide a 3 month sponsorship to give hope and recovery to someone struggling with drug addiction. You can support these families by providing food and meeting other immediate needs in the community.


Drug and Rehabilitation Centre

Thank you for your continued generosity in supporting the Lord’s work through Roatan Alive Mission!

One of the ways that your support has been used to make a difference has been to fundraise for the FIRST drug rehabilitation center on the island. The founder of “Jesus es la solucion” Rehab Center is Dylan Price, himself a former addict who has found freedom in Jesus and now has the heart to minister to others enslaved by drug addiction. Hear what he has to say below: