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The Good Life

March 13
Topic: Lent

Speaker: Keegan Kalideen

Whether you’ve immigrated to Canada, have recently moved to a new area, are new to this church, or maybe even new to the faith…we are ALL on a journey, a journey in which NONE of us have arrived yet. However, despite being strangers in a foreign place, Peter is writing to a scattered and diverse people who are  nonetheless family because they have found their home in the love of Jesus.
Since we are at home in Jesus, we have become citizens of heaven; but because the Holy Spirit takes up residence in us, heaven also lives in us. Therefore, we are not merely citizens of heaven, but we are the living embodiment of Jesus’ presence here on earth until He returns.
However, we should expect resistance because there is an invisible war taking place behind the scenes. But when the going gets tough and we face the resistance of unbelief and suffering, remember that we were once on the other side and that Jesus calls us to do for others what He did for us.