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Executive Director of Operations

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Executive Director of Operations

As part of the Executive Team (E.T.)*, the Executive Director of Operations provide leadership and oversight of Cornerstone’s operations and finances.


  • Shared Responsibilities among the E.T.

Ministry Strategy and Planning

  • Facilitate the strategic planning process
  • Annual review and update of the strategic plan (short and long term)
  • Integrate the strategic plan with the Annual Ministry Objectives and Annual Staff Planning

Leadership Development

  • Identify and coach potential leaders for mission advance
  • Build a healthy leadership development culture among director-level staff and equip them to develop others
  • Study and learn about leadership and leadership development

Organizational Leadership

  • Monitor and develop organizational structure and staffing structure as church grows and develops
  • Facilitate all-staff meetings together
  • Individual Responsibilities of the Executive Director of Operations

The key responsibility of the EDO is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the church, including finance, human resources, risk management, facilities management, health and safety, website, social media, communication, and community rental.

Operations Oversight

  • Lead Operational staff and staff meetings
  • Oversee utilization of church management software and project management software to improve efficiency, track measurables and improve workflows
  • Assess and implement improved processes and new technologies as appropriate
  • Ensure appropriate maintenance and upkeep of the church building
  • Ensure smooth workflow and communication flow between Ministry Staff & Operations Staff
  • Develop, coach and manage all director-level Operations Staff
  • Conduct coaching conversations, semi-annual dashboard check-ins and bi-annual performance reviews
  • Direct and indirect responsibility for hiring and termination for all Ops team members

Financial Oversight

  • Oversee the finances of the church
  • Develop and implement systems for handling finances
  • Monitor and refinance debt, when required
  • Budget design and reporting
  • Financial planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Monitoring giving and economic trends
  • Fundraising when required
  • Responsible for overall audit of yearly finances, and fulfillment of CRA requirements as a charity

Human Resources

  • Annually review and recommend updates to Human Resources Handbook and Policies; changes to be approved by ECB
  • Ensure and implement HR Handbook & policies and ensure compliance with Ministry of Labour policies
  • Maintain personnel files for all Church employees regarding salary, time sheets, vacation time, and sick days
  • Develop policies and procedures to ensure a safe work environment

Risk Management

  • Identify government rules and regulations relevant to Cornerstone and implement compliance system to address the rules and regulations including but not limited to Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, Anti-Spam Legislation, and Health and Safety Laws and Standards.
  • Evaluate insurance needs and obtain appropriate coverage
  • Manage and safeguard data

Welcome Ministry Oversight

  • Oversight of the Welcome Ministry Director
  • Welcome Ministry Director is responsible for the following:
    – Welcome Teams (online and in person)
    – Set mission statement and culture for Welcome Teams (Online chat hosts, Greeters, Ushers, Parking, Refreshment Teams) as an expression of Cornerstone’s DNA.
    – Identify and recruit volunteers (approx. 100 volunteers)
    – Develop Welcome Team handbook and conduct training


  • A deep faith in, and love for, Jesus Christ
  • Demonstrated ability, spiritual maturity and humility, spiritual gifting, and passion to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the position;
  • Minimum of 5+ years experience in senior leadership role
  • Experience in managing a community facility desired
  • University degree or equivalent education in Business Administration, or related discipline together with divinity degree preferred
  • Strong planning and prioritization skills to develop and execute effective strategic and operational plans
  • Knowledge of budgeting and goal setting process
  • Experience in working with volunteer committees/boards
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Collaborative team player; wise, Spirit‐directed leadership
  • Motivating and inspirational
  • Excellent interpersonal relationship and conflict management skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively interact with people of diverse socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and related search engines

*Overall Role of the Executive Team

The Executive Team (“E.T.”) is a three-person team composed of the Lead Pastor, the Discipleship Pastor, and the Executive Director Operations. The E.T. is responsible for leading Cornerstone Christian Community Church.

  • Guide and guard the spiritual development and well-being of the congregation by life example and biblical teaching
  • Work collaboratively with the Executive Church Board (“ECB”) to shape the direction of Cornerstone’s ministry DNA in alignment with the Ends Policies
  • Establish and execute macro-level strategy and oversee staff and assets to accomplish the direction of Cornerstone’s ministry
  • Encourage and equip staff members to lead from a holistically healthy self in Jesus
  • Model, mentor, resource, and provide pastoral care/counsel for staff as required
  • Serve as a strategic thinking partner and sounding board for the ECB
  • Pray regularly for staff and their ministries


Overview of Cornerstone Christian Community Church
Cornerstone is an intercultural Jesus-centred church with a 25-year history in the Markham-Stouffville area (northeast of Toronto). With a core mission to make disciples of Jesus, we have an especially big heart for the greater community, expressed in a range of local outreach efforts.
God has also provided us with a unique facility, Cornerstone Centre, which not only functions as a church building but also as a community centre that is used by our local neighbours on a daily basis.
Cornerstone offers a fully hybrid ministry, with a wide variety of both in-person as well as online ministry opportunities.