Animate Faith

Exploring the Christian Faith Together

Animate: Faith is a 7-week group session that explores the Christian faith and guides you in your spiritual journey.


Do you have questions about faith? Do you ever wonder what is God really like? Is being spiritual the same as being religious? What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Engage in meaningful conversations and not just get spoon-fed simplistic answers. Gain perspectives on God, religion, Jesus, salvation, the cross, the Bible, and the church.

We will use videos which blend live action with animations — to introduce a question, provide a thought-provoking perspective, and invoke discussions.

Animate Faith bubble

Exploring the Christian Faith Together

Wednesdays, May 19 to June 30 // 8:00 pm

Registration is now closed. 

What is Animate: Faith?

In this 7-week group session, you will explore the Christian faith and be guided in your spiritual journey. Each session features a short animated video where leading voices explore the big questions of the Christian faith. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, you’re invited to bring your questions and engage in animated faith conversations in a safe and non-judgmental space.

What topics will we cover?

Each Animate session explores 7 key topics:

  • God: Faith is a Quest
  • Religion: Spirituality is Not Enough
  • Jesus: The Revolution of Love
  • Salvation: Abundant Life Now
  • Cross: Where God Is
  • Bible: A Book Like No Other
  • Church: An Imperfect Family
The clock is ticking. What are you doing with your salvation?