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Have you ever wrestled with faith questions? Do you ever wonder, does life have a purpose? Is there a God? And if there's a God, why does He allow pain and suffering?

Explore life's big questions about purpose, God, and the Bible through The 7 Big Questions series.

September 27 – November 8
From 8PM – 9:30PM+


At Cornerstone in Room 101
Led by Tom Nolson

The 7 Big Questions series brings together thought leaders, authors, philosophers, and theologians to examine whether or not life has a purpose.

This class is a safe space to explore these questions, learn with others and grow deeper in your spiritual journey.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, join us as we explore these big questions in a safe
and non-judgmental space.

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Each session features a short video followed by group discussion.

Session 1: Does Life have a purpose?
Session 2: Is there a God?
Session 3: Why does God allow pain and suffering?
Session 4: Is Christianity too narrow?
Session 5: Is Jesus really God?
Session 6: Is the Bible reliable?
Session 7: Can I know God personally?